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Trebol by KKylimos
Fanart of Trebol from One Piece. This dude is the ugliest , trolliest , most annoying creep in the series but , Oda somehow manages to make even THIS GUY a badass... Respect.
Hello everyone , thanks for checking my thread out.
I am curently available for commissions. I have worked in a variety of projects for a variety of clients , from e-book covers to Original characters. You can check some of my stuff in the thumbnails bellow. If you are interested , drop me a pm and i'll get back to you asap. Cheers!

Sorcerer of Slaanesh by KKylimos A Feast for Nurglings by KKylimos A Rainy Day in Hell by KKylimos The Penguin by KKylimos Xenosaurs by KKylimos On the giant's back. by KKylimosHuh?! by KKylimosCharmander by KKylimosCopperhead Dragon by KKylimosHarry Potter and the Incredibly Rushed Spitpaint by KKylimosBasilisk by KKylimos
Sorcerer of Slaanesh by KKylimos
Sorcerer of Slaanesh
 Hello everyone! This is my last artwork for 2015 :) It's been a great year for me and im sad to let it go but , let's hope 2016 will be twice as good for everyone :)

This artwork was commissioned by a friend for his upcoming DeathWatch/Dark Crusade roleplay. I had tons of fun working on this illustration for several reasons. First and foremost , it's an artistic dedication to Chaos , my favorite faction in Warhammer and beyond. Also, it was great to work on a Slaaneshi character who is not a Noize Marine or a swordsman. I feel like there are several dominant archetypes when it comes to warhammer art , that i like to break , always within the limits of the lore. For example , most Thousand Son artworks portray sorcerers , Emperor's Children are usually portrayed as Noize Marines etc. While these are all correct and ofcourse the most usual career choices for the characters , i still like to explore other , more exotic themes aswell. So , with that in mind , i was very happy to create a sorcerer of the Emperor's Children. I wanted to combine the known and loved elements of any worshiper of Slaanesh with those of more "traditional" sorcerers , without going too close to Tzeentch. I hope i managed that and the character is both unique as an individual but also fully recognizable as a part of a whole that is the followers of Slaanesh. Now here are some easter eggs i put in there: The Sorcerer has grafted a Harlequin mask into his wrist-plate. There is also the facial skin of a Tau covering his shoulder plate. The sorcerer did not acquire any of these objects nicely. I added those two bcause the Eldar and the Tau are the favorite xeno races of the friend who ordered this. Also you may notice a golden cube on the table. This is a reference to... You figure it out ;)

This is it for me. I'll spend the next few days getting fat. I hope you enjoyed viewing this as much as i enjoyed creating it. See you all next year , I hope you will all have a great time!
A Rainy Day in Hell by KKylimos
A Rainy Day in Hell
 "Fuck this..." Said the Mouse , while scratching a tumor under his raincoat. No one was around to listen ofcourse , but that never kept him from expressing his opinion. "Every damn time , man! Whenever it rains down this stinking piss , i have to be the one in guard. Me! All the fucking time man , seriously!" He spat , as if he weren't wearing a gas mask. He kept forgeting about that. He wore that thing for so long that it kind of felt like it was his actual face. He even had trouble remembering his own features , at least before the mutations and the swelling took hold of them.

"Yep , i know. That's right. Yes." He agreed with himself. "But..." he started , only to be quickly interupted by , well , himself "Oh no! Don't give me this crap about duty! I have a duty to myself to stay dry when the sky vomits! And you also!" He proclaimed. The rain was getting heavier now , the air's usual sulfuric tinge begun tasting even sourer. It was a merciless thing , this rain, slowly eating away what remained of the world. It's sound drove men crazier than they already were and , sometimes , the amount of rainwater was so overwhelming that it formed small lakes. This is how the undergrownd colonialists died , their safe havens overflowed with toxic water and everyone down there drowned. According to Mouse , it served these selfish bitches right. They cast him away when he was still a kid and for a reason as stupid as killing his brother. He tried to explain it to them but they were too dumb to understand: He only killed his brother's body. His mind was still alive though , living inside his skull. It was a great deal , they only needed half as many rations as they used to! But no one listened. No one ever listened...

"I really hate guard duty , man..."
"Yes. I know. We both do."


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