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Xenosaurs by KKylimos
What if...

The asteroid that fell from the skies and ended the age of dinosaurs , was not nearly big enough to create an impact capable of erasing life. What if... the asteroid was actually a stone , no bigger than a fruit. What if , the stone was cut off from a bizzare , alien system , thousands of light years away. What if the stone was infected by germs , inhabitting the world it left behind and frozen in a state of hybernation , during their space travel. What if , after an eternity of aimless travel , the stone got caught by Earth's gravitational pull and fell , the heat of atmospheric entry melting the icy cocoon of the germs , unleashing them into the atmosphere like a disease. What if Earth's atmosphere would prove to be an ideal habitat for the germs to multiply. What if the germs were a parasytic organism that sought out hosts to possess and mutate , in order to survive. What if the alien disease afflicted dinosaurs , mutating them into relentless killing machines. What if the alien-infested monsters devastated nature's balance , breaking the food chain and consuming prey without restraint. What if , the dinosaurs killed themselves.

This is the idea that spawned the artwork. I know it has a million plot holes from a scientific point of view but , yolo! I hope you like it guys! I realise that my choice of colors may look too bright in some monitors , im sorry if it does. I like creating artworks with vivid colors but it's troublesome to adjust them so they look good in all monitors :(

Thanks for checking everyone , cheers!
DH: Morgrom the Heretic by KKylimos
DH: Morgrom the Heretic
From the Ashen peaks to the shores of the Dragonsea , everyone knows the tale of Morgrom the shaman , Morgrom the Heretic. Once a proud shaman of the Bonehelm tribe , Morgrom worshiped the elemental spirits and wielded his hammer in their name. He was a champion , respected by allies and feared by enemies. But Morgrom wished for more. Victory after victory , his arrogance grew. He became less concerned about the will of his elemental masters. He started doubting their word and thought of himself as their equal. The elements , ancient and wise , sensed the change in their champion's heart  and swiftly striped him of their blessings. Morgrom , enraged and ashamed , lost his mind in anger. He devised a plan , most cunning and treacherous. A sacrilegious ritual and the sacrifice of his faithful kin sealed a Great Fire Elemental inside his hammer , the "Steelmaw". The imprisoned godling,  now enslaved by Morgrom , became a weapon in his hands , a terrible force of vengeance. As he turned on the other shamans , the eldest one , with his dying breath , whispered to Morgrom: "Only a fool thinks of himself a master of that which can never be mastered. A pawn you are , and when the times comes , when your failure will be most severe , the one you think of as your slave will show you , who trully the master is."

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed my latest Daily Hero and his little story. There's nothing as fun and relaxing as drawing Daily Heroes in summer! I must get back to the habit! This roll was very kind to me , let's see what i get next! Cheers!
The Penguin by KKylimos
The Penguin
Hello everyone!

I present to you my own version of Oswald Cobblepot , aka "The Penguin". I've been working on this picture for a while now and im really happy that i can finally show it. Ever since i saw Danny DeVito play the part in Batman Returns , i became fascinated with this fine villain. He has character , style and quite the collection of umbrellas , really!  I tried to combine DeVito's slimy and aberrant version of the character with the more grounded and realistic look he has in the comics. I have had the idea that the penguin is neither a monster nor a man. Instead , he is the monster a man can become . I hope this makes sense to you... :D

I had lot's of fun working on this! I explored lot's of new stuff and learned a lot while creating this artwork. Infact , i had such a good time that i may try my hand at more of Arkham's regulars...

Anyway , i really hope you enjoy it! Here's something to go with it:…

Cya soon!
The Vision by KKylimos
The Vision
Watched the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" a couple of days ago and i can't get it out of my miiiiind!!!!  Happy

I drew this portrait of Vision to help me ease the hype :D I based it on the way he looks in the comics but i was also influenced by his depiction in the movie and recent hero portraits done by one of my favorite artists , #CreatureBox


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