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On the giant's back. by KKylimos
On the giant's back.
This is today's Speedpainting , done for Daily Spitpaint…
I don't usually post my speedpaintings here on DA but , i am very fond of this one so , why not.
Charmander by KKylimos
Charmander warm-up from yesterday morning. I wasn’t planning on going this far with him but , the little guy begged to be colored. So , here he is! It’s always nice painting up some ol’school pokemons ^_^
Copperhead Dragon by KKylimos
Copperhead Dragon
Hello my friends. Here's something i painted while trying out my new tablet.
   It's the portrait of a Copperhead Dragon , a fearsome yet noble creature. Despite their moderate size , Copperheads are some of the most durable and physically strong dragons. They move through the woodlands with deadly agility , preying upon large beasts like striped rhinos and Galephants. Their thick scales protect them from all but the most destructive of blows , rendering them virtually unkillable by conventional means. Like most Dragons , Copperheads possess wings , however , due to the fact that they inhabit dense jungles , they use them mostly for gliding between places silently , since the thick canopy doesn't allow free flight to creatures as big as dragons. Unlike most Dragons , Copperheads cannot produce any kind of Dragonbreath. For this reason , many scholars and druids are sceptical about the Copperhead's ancestry , some even claiming that they are not "true" Dragons. Such claims ofcourse are unbased since Copperheads share every other dragonic characteristic , including the strong affinity for magic.
   Despite their horrifying capabilities , Copperheads are not the terrorizing tyrants most of their cousins are. They enjoy solitude and kill only to feed or protect themselves. They do not thrive in mindless destruction but instead , possess a sense of preservance when it comes to nature. For this reason they are greatly respected by the Elven tribes , who idolize the dragons for their strength and character. It is said that , an elf who gains the friendship of a Copperhead is chosen for greatness.
Xenosaurs by KKylimos
What if...

The asteroid that fell from the skies and ended the age of dinosaurs , was not nearly big enough to create an impact capable of erasing life. What if... the asteroid was actually a stone , no bigger than a fruit. What if , the stone was cut off from a bizzare , alien system , thousands of light years away. What if the stone was infected by germs , inhabitting the world it left behind and frozen in a state of hybernation , during their space travel. What if , after an eternity of aimless travel , the stone got caught by Earth's gravitational pull and fell , the heat of atmospheric entry melting the icy cocoon of the germs , unleashing them into the atmosphere like a disease. What if Earth's atmosphere would prove to be an ideal habitat for the germs to multiply. What if the germs were a parasytic organism that sought out hosts to possess and mutate , in order to survive. What if the alien disease afflicted dinosaurs , mutating them into relentless killing machines. What if the alien-infested monsters devastated nature's balance , breaking the food chain and consuming prey without restraint. What if , the dinosaurs killed themselves.

This is the idea that spawned the artwork. I know it has a million plot holes from a scientific point of view but , yolo! I hope you like it guys! I realise that my choice of colors may look too bright in some monitors , im sorry if it does. I like creating artworks with vivid colors but it's troublesome to adjust them so they look good in all monitors :(

Thanks for checking everyone , cheers!


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Kyriakos Kylimos
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